September 2019

Marketing Acronyms

One of the most important factor for the growth of the business is inter marketing, hence I recommend that you start preparing the language of internet marketing with acronyms, giving much to the annoyance of the clients who don’t have enough time to spare or will to learn the technical details of a particular field. …

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Single-page application v/s Multiple-page application

Recently most of the users are moving from browser-based web application to the smart phone application and the desire for complex and refined application is extremely huge and it’s still growing. Thus as per the demand the developers are replacing old desktop application with application which are more convenient to use, easy to update and …

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JavaScript is a lightweight and dynamic computer programminglanguage, which is quite common in various webpages. Its implementation allowsthe user to create dynamic pages using client-side script. In addition to thatit is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented abilities. Earlier this programming language was known as LiveScript,but later on it got changed to JavaScript. It was …

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