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Beware Of Free Marketing Advice

From a decade now we have witnessed certain website, social media platforms and blogs, which are full of free marketing advice and certain tips to achieve higher conversion rate to boost up your business revenue. However, if your company is interested in those free advices and decides to implement that information to form your marketing strategies or to make a decision to invest in certain marketing camping, then tread lightly with all those free advices and tips and make sure you discuss it with the professionals and experts before you go ahead and make any kind of changes in your marketing budget or strategies.

If one will spend much time researching about SEO on the internet, they will come across to various statements made by the so called experts such as:

You can’t get high rankings without SEO
SEO is dead
SEO is the only way to go
Keywords don’t matter anymore
You don’t need SEO to get high rankings
Keywords are everything

Have you have thought that who is right? Or who is wrong? I know it is hard to differentiate, as most of these assertions of this type lack proper explanation or else they are unsupported or poorly supported. There is not any kind of proper proof or explanation to back them up and contains inaccurate, incomplete and irrelevant content.

You have to be extremely careful, even when the content is complete, relevant or it is precisely accurate. Because result bearing marketing practices and strategies change rapidly over time and also it depends on the type of your business. For example a marketing article dated to 2012 would have helped in that time, but if you follow that marketing article today, then it might attract catastrophic failure to your business. Unfortunately thousands of articles on the internet is not dated, making them suspect right off the bat.

The reason why you increase an investment in the marketing is to generate more business revenue. We all know it very well that you are after more and more sales and actively searching for a perfect leads of potential customers who can help you to sell off  your products or services and grow your business; maybe you’ve drilled down a bit further to focus on more new customers or more business from existing customers.

We all ask the same question again and again and simply want the answer anyhow: Can a given type of marketing produce more business at a cost that generates acceptable ROI?

Try researching about the facts that are relevant to your situation, because generalized marketing advice is not going to give you any satisfactory result or answer. We’d recommend that you ask us these questions:

Specifically, how was success measured?
Can you achieve similarsuccess with us whom you’ve had with similar clients? Why or why not?
Have you ever achieved excellence in developing successful marketing strategies for the clients in a similar industry and/or with the same budget, campaign scope and goals?
Have you ever marketed successfully for clients in our industry?

Confidence is a good thing, but over-confidence is not very helpful and often distractive, so I would say that we may solve some of them for you or we cannot. However we aim to provide you solutions which are not guesswork, not theoretical and definitely not mere opinions.  

It doesn’t matter whom you talk to, but it’s important to look beyond free tips and advice and get detailed, specific, short (Useful), researched information. Only this will help your to develop a proper marketing strategy to grow your business revenue substantially and get the result which can justify your investment.  

I am not sure what kind of marketing strategy suits best to your organization? Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss those questions or some of your own! We are always here to help if we can.