Server-Less Architecture

If you’ve chosen to read this article, you’re likely aware that Server-Less Architecture is the next big thing in the cloud paradigm. Since the Amazon Web Services introduced its Lambda platform the Server-Less Architecture has become mainstreams buzzword and grabbed the attention of various brands like Nike,Netflix, BBC and Airbnb. However,the word Server-Less Architecture does

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Latest Tech Alert

If you just bought a smart Television on Black Friday or plan to buy one for Cyber Monday tomorrow, the Federal Bureau of Investigation wants you to know a few things. The Smart Televisions that you use for the entertainment are like regular Television sets but with the extra facility of internet connection. This now

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Cyber-Invading Communities In The Dark-Net Cyber-Invading

The role of Cyber-Criminals has changed over the years, in the past, these professionals were viewed as dangerous criminals that needed to be kept away at any cost. However, such times are behind us and recently various private companies, criminal gangs, and intelligence agencies are seeking help from those experts. An increasingly large number of

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Overlay networks that employ the Internet but also require a certain set of specific software requirements and configurations, the authority to access and contain some worldwide web content existing on them, is known as the Dark-Net. It is a part that has not been indexed by web search engines. Though, sometimes dark-web is mistakenly referred

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Top Web-Site Security Menace And How to Protect Your-Self From Such Cyber-Invasion

You can’t take Web-Site security menace seriously enough especially if your customers entrust you with their credit card information and other sensitive data. From using strong passwords to defending your site against images that Cyber-Invasion, taking the important steps necessary to protect your website from cybersecurity menaces. This article will take a deep dive into

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WhatsApp may soon allow users to use their account on multiple devices

The Latest updates received from the android beta version that the “Disappearing Messages” feature would be soon replaced by “Delete Messages”. WhatsApp is well known for bringing the latest and innovative chat features on the table. Now they are planning to introduce plenty of latest features to improve the overall experience of their mobile application.

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Pharma Spam-Virus

Pharma Spam-Virus is a type of SEO spam employed by Cyber-Criminals to improve the SEO rank of Web-sites selling pharmaceutical products like Viagra, Cialis, Xanax, Valium, and Celebrex. Compromised Website Report 2017 found that 44% of all Cyber-Invasion including the creation of SEO spam campaigns on the targeted Web-site. This kind of Cyber-Invasion involves the

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