Community Management

Any group of three or more people with shared values, norms, identity, or interests etc. is known as a community. The ability of an individual to create or alter any such community in order to have a stronger one is known as his community management skills.

Community management skills, therefore, comprise the ability to attract new people as well as providing more opportunities for the older and inactive participants to engage with one another. Effective community management skills can help the marketing efforts of an organization by engaging the followers/customers, enhancing the visibility of all marketing content, and driving greater traffic towards it.

Why is community management important

Adding the marketing component (e.g. through the use of social media) to the community management efforts is nowadays becoming a popular strategy in organizations because having a larger and engaged audience is the key to making their marketing efforts successful.

Community management, however, is beneficial even without such marketing component:

How to improve community management skills

If you wish to improve your community management skills, following are some helpful tips: