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Future of Web-Development

The magnificent web world is made of over 1.8 Billion websites, but only 200 million of them are active. In addition to that every day we see thousands of website launched on the web world to increase complexity of the competition.

One has to be extremely sharp and keenly implement innovative ideas and web development trends to achieve desired progress in their respective business and that is possible when their website is noticeable among all the other active websites. Thus it is necessary for a web-developer to have a proper knowledge of future trends before they can start developing an enterprise grade website.

Giving ample thoughts and research we have listed some accurate prediction about development trends of this current year and beyond.


The responsive web designing approach is trending since 2015, but Google is now giving more priority to web-sites easily accessible in smart phones. As per the recent study; The Mobile pages (AMP) has covered 7 percentage of all web traffic for USA’s top publishers.

We can’t deny the fact that Google has sponsored open-source project with the support of Twitter, Pinterest and Bing.

Overall AMP is brilliantly designed to accelerate the overall performance of web content and ads with an improved website speed and use experience. It has definitely worked their favor and grasped the attention of numerous end users. In the end we would like to mention one fact that AMP will be a significant part of the web world in future. 


The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) appears to be a great concept when it comes to featuring efficient mobile sites and native application by involving technological advancement. It is totally based on the evolution of the internet and HTML 5, however one can deliver same functionality and effective user experience to application with the assistance from PWAs.

One of the great e-Commerce giant FlipKart has achieved a tremendous growth in conversation by adopting PWAs. Hence we can say that by introducing PWA, one might see a substantial impact in their online business.


Recently a research conducted by NewVoiceMedia has proved that the US companies lose approximately $61 million every year due to awful customer service.

So how about hiring a chat-bot to handle your customer service?

Chat-Bots can deliver flawless and effective customer service to your respective end user, leaving them satisfied with the spontaneous resonance. In addition to that they can actively respond to your valuable end users 24/7 without any issues and saving you the cost of hiring a full-time online customer service representative.


Quite similar to smart phone applications, the website with push notifications can assist you to grasp vast traffic and deliver the benefits of online marketing. If you are seriously interested in accumulating multiple visitors and customers on your website then the push notification is one of the powerful tool you can use to fulfill that desire of yours, however you would like to avoid overuse of that feature. 

Push notification can assist in many areas and delivers a convenient and spontaneous communication with your customers. It can benefit you by informing your customers about the product discounts and customer-centric activities.


No one can deny the fact that the growth of dynamic web-sites is spontaneous as compared to static websites, but that doesn’t means it is outdated. Even though we encounter exceptional growth in the number of the website in web world, only the website having quick loading time will receive highest preference.

The static-websites websites are simple, straightforward and very cost-effective and with a spontaneous loading time, it is one of the first choice of multiple business owners, however the web design of that respective website should be interesting enough to grasp the attention of the customers.    


Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL)is a concept which is trending since 2015, but now we are sure that it will exist in 2019 and beyond. It is basically designed to achieve excellent performance of the website with quick loading time.

The RAIL concept is for the web designers who aim to build a customer-centric website with exceptional user experience. The RAIL excels UX in every aspect such as scroll, drag, tap, etc. and provides structure necessary for brilliantly performance.


In recent times every web user desires everything simple but innovative and motion UI is brilliant technology to fulfill that sole requirement. It delivers an elegant and useful interface by differentiating the design of a most conservative website. Just by some research and effective implementation, you can increase the traffic on your website to substantial amount. In addition to that it also includes gorgeous headers, animated charts, hovers and background animation, which definitely highlights your website out from the crowd.


The Google Chrome extensions are getting more popular and these days it is much in demand by various users, however it also concerns some of the user as a threat to their privacy, just because such extension can monitor various online activities of that user with the assistance of certain permissions. Hence before installing any browser extension you should take care of your privacy protection and take a proper knowledge of what you are installing as your browser extension.


Single Page Applications (SPAs) is a web-page which eliminates requirements of loading the page multiple times by loading all the content with JavaScript and Github, FaceBook along with gmail is a perfect examples. It demonstrates extreme natural behavior by working internally in the browser.

SPAs are most desired by user as it directly renders the webpage in the browser by eliminating additional waiting time.


Java technology is mostly used to create Android mobile application, but it is also preferable to build dynamic websites application.

Since 2018 java is the first preference of web developers worldwide and widespread technology by featuring rich libraries and latest framework including its extreme adaptability for customized function and convenient use makes JavaScript an exception.

JavaScript offers most reliable framework and assists the developer to build a robust, clean and more responsive website including that the callbacks and closure features grabs most of the attention of the developers.