How Soon One Can Get Results From Internet Marketing?

The question we all ask our self-ample of times that “How soon one can get results from internet marketing?” However, the answer is complex and full of mixed advice and recommendation, but before getting into the timelines for ROI on various online marketing activities, it is important to make general statements. Let’s discuss some important variables, which are important for any business to bear results from their online marketing.

Objective is important :  What is your goal (produce 15 online leads a month or 1500)? Are you too focused to achieve more popularity for your brand in global as well as global market? Is goal is to achieve one or multiple things?The more objective you have the more ambitious you have to become.
Your Starting Point : Whether your product is brand new or it is been well-established in the market?Do you have a website which is SEO friendly and ready for a launch? Do you have a segmented, up-to-date, well-qualified, relevant, and large in-house mailing list? Variables like these significantly affects most online marketing campaigns
Your Competition : It might be possible that they are thousands or just handful of rivals chasing similar target keywords? Do you have multiple rivals challenging you head-on with their aggressive online marketing campaigns or the playing field is fair? The higher the completion level the more time it takes to get the returns from your online marketing campaigns
Your Budget : Big plans with small budget generate fewer results, so the most important thing is to keep your budget in line with your objective. For instance if your compare the result of an online marketing campaign which has a monthly budget of $600 with the online marketing campaign which has the monthly budget of $6000, then you would witness that the campaign which has the budget of $6000 will get more results than the $600 campaign
Your Agency : There are various alternate campaign strategies and more tactics to execute an online marketing campaign. Agencies with best team of experts will be able to better execute your project and will be able to provide satisfactory results


Google employs extreme complex formulas and ranks web pages based on their proprietary search algorithms, which evaluates quality and relevance of content, once it receive search quires. In addition to that the search engine always tries to maintain the secrecy of their algorithms, as everyone with a website will try to manipulate the system to its destruction, if they had accurate idea about the ranking calculation of a web page.

Every SEO expert has to reach at a conclusion employing years of research, experience, experimentation, data interpretation, data analysis, theory and guesswork. This kind of complex nature makes SEO a long term proposition and I suggest you drop SEO if you are thinking about generating revenue quick with SEO methods. 

PPC(Pay Per Click) :

PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is an effective source to generate more sales lead and it provides you quick results on your investments. It also benefits the sales team of a company to come up with precise and accurate sales pitch to close a deal with potential client. If you really care about your business, then you have no choice, but to adopt the techniques of digital marketing. PPC has successfully proved its worth by being one of the most efficient methods for online advertising. In addition to that it has quickly engaged itself in various digital marketing channels and has acquired a significant role in the success of online businesses. However, if this method is not implemented correctly, then it can be a great way to waste your marketing budget. Over these years we have personally witnessed multiple online marketing campaigns struggle to overcome the following paid search challenges such as Competition, Cost involved in PPC and its complex nature.

E-mail Marketing :

The results of e-mail marketing totally depend on the specific goal and the quality of your mailing lead. However, e-mail marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies as compared to other digital marketing channels available on the web and it is the simplest way to capture desired attention of most consumers out there in the market. One can develop extremely strong customer relationship by e-mail marketing. It is an effective form of marketing, but then it also depends to whom your send the e-mail. You might get the result in some e-mails, if the list you are having contains potential customer who are interested in your product or service you’re selling. On the other hand sending hundreds of email will give you no result, if you fail to reach the customer bases who are actually interested to buy your product or service

Social Media Marketing :

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and various others are the essential part of an average person for entertainment and to gain connectivity. The use of social media platforms are growing substantially and it has almost gained 2 billion active users. It is true that social media marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business, but if you’re starting a social media campaign from starch without any online presence or limited presence on social media platforms, then normally it will take months or years to achieve satisfactory results from your marketing campaigns. Unless you have something exciting or innovative to sell, which is cable enough to grabs maximum attention of overall traffic available at social media platforms. If you have an online presence on various social media platform, then it will be easier for you to run successful marketing campaign on those platforms and get results quickly.

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