Importance of User Reviews for SEO

Online reputation of your company play’s an important role in local organic search ranking. For instance, if your company has acquired higher appreciation in every local news sources or it is listed in every major local business directory and if the user review for your products or services are exceptionally good, then it is much likely that you will have better ranking on various search engines. However, it can also reduce your search engine ranking, if you have negative reviews.
Every business has to go through a time where they have to endure some negative reviews and it totally depends on the management to keep improving the quality of their goods or service to achieve the respect of their prospects. In order receive more and more positive reviews for their goods and services. Due to rising influence of local SEO, it is more important for the business to increase their positive reviews to improve their ranking on search engine ranking.

Online reviews can benefit your business more than the appealing looks on external websites:

One can improve its ranking on various search engines by improving its user reviews. Recently Google tends to display the top three most relevant businesses for any given search by the prospect. When someone will search something relevant to your business on Google, then Google will not ignore your user reviews before giving you the spot in the first 3 ranking. Hence positive reviews might get you higher ranking on Google, but negative will certainly help you on your way down.
Once you’re ranked higher, then it is more likely that you get more clicks on your website. For instance imagine yourself searching for a good restaurant and now you have 3 options provided by Google: One has Five star, while others has Three or Two stars. Which one would you prefer? One with the highest user review would me my choice. So every new prospect would be interested in knowing your service record and they would determine that by the user review your company has earned. Hence positive review attract more traffic.
There are various ways using which one can reduce the impact of trolls and negative reviews. Multiple review sites allow the businesses to respond to those negative comments, which you should normally do if you can. If the reviewer website policy is not violated, then you can even try to encourage customers to post positive reviews being honest and meaningful.

Thanks to Google’s recent update power of reviews is increasing every day and the third-party directories are getting more influence than the search ranking topers. In addition to that these business pages on these directories are also achieving a higher ranking than the business page itself.

One should always keep in mind that a review on a competing platform is rarely equal to a review on other relevant platforms. For instance, Some platforms will keep themselves as exclusives and other platforms syndicate their reviews for use on other platforms. Those platforms are also more valuable for the search engine ranking than others.

User reviews are the most important factor, which is responsible for search engine ranking. One can achieve better ranking and more traffic on their respective websites when all the factors such as the structure of your site, the user experience you offer, your content strategy and your link-building programs fall into the right place. They too play a significant role in improving your online presence. However, one should always ensure campaign quality and should never sacrifice the quality of a content campaign to attract more reviews.

One should not forget that certain industries are subject to greater influence from customer reviews than other companies. For Instance, if you’re looking for a decent restaurant then by looking at user reviews one can determine whether or not they will receive satisfactory results. However, selecting a new bank would require less user-based input, as a consumer is more likely to base their decision on objective factors such as interest rate and etc.

One should also make sure that not all review sites are relevant to all industries. For instance, If your industry has a specific review site like UrbanSpoon exists exclusively for rating restaurants, then be sure you’re listed on it.

An online review holds more importance than just your search engine ranking, as it is a normal rule. The more positive reviews you earn the more online traffic and conversion rate you generate for your business.

If you facing any kind of difficulties in maintaining your online presence or having a hard time achieving that higher positions on search engines via SEO methods or want to build your strategies to fight negative reviews, then we are just a call away. Hence feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you in such situations.