Tips to Create SEO Friendly Web Design

Producing a professional and well-designed website won’t ensure high traffic on your website or substantial increase in your customer flow. Search engine optimization is the only way using which you can fulfill your desire and achieve high number of traffic on your website and receive multiple customers. It basically refers to your website ranking and visibility on various search engines.
When it comes to online presence of your website the search engine optimization plays an important role to improve customer base. If you implement SEO methods correctly than you can improve your website ranking thought-out various search engines and attract more traffic to your website. First of all the most important factor for a website which plays great role in improving the visibility of a website are keywords and many business owner tread carefully in selecting proper keywords for their product content to broadcast their webpage over the web. However, most of them fail to still make their website SEO friendly and end up losing response rate of their website. We have listed some of the techniques using which you can create a SEO friendly website and witness the substantial growth in your customer base.

Integrating social media elements with your website will assist you in improving the overall ranking of your website on various search engines, as all of them values social media and so do your respective customers. Make sure you add the links of your social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn on your website. This will result in improving the overall ranking of your website on search engines and increase the visibility of your website to potential customers.

Many people focus more on the text used in their website and totally ignore the images they use, but one can improve ranking on search engine and attract huge traffic by optimizing images used in their website. Large images affects your website negatively by slowing down its loading speed, which will certainly won’t help you in any way to improve website ranking on search engine, so make sure you don’t use very high resolution pictures and also try to use relevant keyword in alt text section of the image to further improve overall website ranking.

Many developers make various mistakes and use Javascript for their entire website design. If your website will feature great amount of Javascript then the search engine will have a hard time to go through your website and will have to struggle to read your site and determine the ranking for your website, as the search engine has to crawl through the entire website before indexing.
Additionally, over use of java script also creates loading issues of your website in mobile devices, hence you have to make sure that you make your website design as simple as possible for the search engines to verify your website and more importantly it should be user-friendly and convenient for the visitors for navigation.

Website URL also plays a very important role in improving the overall ranking of your website and if your URL will not help the search engines to determine product content of your page then it will negatively affect the overall ranking of your website. For example

URL which you should not use
URL which you should use
Make sure you also put limited categories and avoid using URL such as

More importantly make sure you use hyphens instead of underscores, if you want to separate words in your URL.

Many developers puts more focus on using keywords in their copy and totally ignores all the other areas. The keywords can be used in any article of your website along with the copy. In addition to that it can also be a part of your website design. As discussed you can use keywords for image optimization, however there are ample of other areas of your website where you can use keywords to increase the ranking and visibility of your website in various search engines. It can be used in H1 tags, meta descriptions, navigation, title tag, website slogans, meta keywords, H2 tags, H3 tags, folder names, internal links, bullet points, footer links, title attribute on links, URL’s, file names and breadcrumb trails.

Your conversion rates and your website ranking on various search engines will be deeply affected, if your website won’t be completely accessible. It will have a negative impact and will force the users to exit the website before they use any of your service or purchase any product and if your website is not compatible with every browser. It will further lower your website ranking, if your website is complicated to navigate or loads slowly, so make sure your website is conveniently accessible in every browser and loads properly. In the end a practical and the website convenient for the users to navigate attracts more traffic on the website.

Flash is often ignored or devalued by search engines, which means using too much flash on your website will only negatively affect your website ranking on search engine and can also be very distracting for the visitors.
If you want to use flash on your website try to keep the content as low as possible, thus making your web design more SEO friendly and improving your companies website’s overall ranking and visibility on various search engines.