Online marketing

What Scares You About Online Marketing?

Online marketing is an excellent source of generating new business leads and companies prefer to invest some of their resources in that area to gain more potential customer, which later on turns into customers, but the same thing can be really stressful as you might end up losing your marketing budget without achieving desires result. In this article we will discuss some of the points which might be terrifying for most of the entrepreneurs.

Companies always appreciate accurate measurements and often fear, if the end result of their campaign is any different from what they have predicted. We have listed some points which can be helpful to reduce the fear.

  • The accuracy of any measurement totally depends on the business’s camping setup procedure, collecting data and reporting and ongoing process of execution. Search for the business with a documented, granular, proven and transparently reported system of execution.
  • There some types of online marketing whose end result can be easily predicted, but there are some which are very uncertain and hard to predict. For example, leads and revenue generated from SEO and PPC or E-mail campaigns can be measured accurately, however on the other hand social media marketing campaigns are very complex and it’s really hard to measure accurate end results.
  • If you have a goal of lead generation or online revenue generation, then you might want to consider SEO, PPC and e-mail marketing camping, however other forms of online marketing are also more suitable for branding, customer engagement and goal positioning, as they are not tied to a highly specific ROI.

Another great thing which strikes fear in the mind of all entrepreneurs is the situation where they have a miscommunication with their business clients and it’s really important for a business to maintain healthy business relation with their clients. One has to employ great deal of collaboration and communication with their respective clients in their online marketing. When communication is unpleasant or incomprehensible, then companies tend to feel extremely frustrating.  

  • Some of the customers or clients will ask plenty of tough questions in their conversation with the business, which is not only to acquire desired information, but also to test your professional and patience level of your representative. Basically they want to observe how they would react, when they are been challenged and also wants to know your flexibility and wiliness to go out of your comfort zone to fulfill their requirements. In the end they also try to analyze, if you’re the business with whom they can have a healthy business relation.
  • Does your clients understand each and every technical term you use in the conversation? It is really important that your client is listening not hearing you thought out the entire conversion. Using too much makes your client think that you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes and sometimes they wonder that you’re trying to mask your true intention in technical jargon. Everyone is not the master in the arts of communication or in observing a person, but I say some of the clients are extremely smart and try to analyze the representative to check whether or not your business is worth their consideration.

Some of the business totally ignores an active online marketing out of fear of criticism. This normally takes form of:

  • Negative customer reviews
  • Negative Blog comments
  • Negative social media comments

We totally agree that there are tons of ill minded people on the internet teaming with trolls and who fins it amusing to take down everything in their sight. Every company has an over exaggerated impression of the negative trolls and always fear the negative impact of the criticism. We have listed some points, which you might like to take into consideration:

  • If your business is offering genuine quality products and service, then you don’t have to worry about negative trolls. If your company lacks to provide good product or services, then I would recommend that you address all the flaws before you go ahead and any kind of marketing camping.
  • It is possible to restrain the blogs to prevent negative and inappropriate comments from being published on the web
  • All the legitimate and reasonable negative blogs and social media comments should be responded in a professional manner. This will ultimately work in your favor and sometimes softens the blow or turns a negative situation into positive one.
  • The business should always take the customer negative reviews into consideration to further improve the quality of their product or services, but always keep in mind that some people enjoy dropping negative reviews on a popular online review website, even when you’re not running the marketing campaign.
  • There are various ways using which one can reduce the impact of trolls and negative reviews. Multiple review sites allow the businesses to respond to those negative comments, which you should normally do if you can. If the reviewer website policy is not violated, then you can even try to encourage customers to post positive reviews being honest and meaningful.