Why Is There So Much Conflicting SEO Advice?

If you have ever employed a SEO professional or tried to improve your SEO campaign to next level, then you would probably be surprised of sudden bombarding of various conflicting ideas and statements.
• One article will say quality is more important than the quantity. Another will say it is more about numbers.
• One service provider will guarantee you a top position in Google for $600 a month. Another agency will say money won’t get you the top position in Google.
• One study will prove that Keywords are losing its importance and other will prove that the Keywords are the most important factor.

Being an entrepreneur not having proper knowledge of SEO puts you in a complex situation to determine what’s best for you out of those conflicting statements.

In this article I will try to inform why you are getting conflicting advice and we will cover all the aspects and provide you sufficient information, so that you can make right decision for your SEO campaign.

Google employs extreme complex formulas and ranks web pages based on their proprietary search algorithms, which evaluates quality and relevance of content, once it receives search queries.

The search engine always tries to maintain the secrecy of their algorithms, as everyone with a website will try to manipulate the system to its destruction if they had an accurate idea about the ranking calculation of a web page.

Every An SEO expert has to reach at a conclusion employing years of research, experience, experimentation, data interpretation, data analysis, theory, and guesswork. With these given circumstances various smart SEO experts can land into two different conclusions and also interpret facts differently, just because of their difference in the experience of certain SEO theories in the past. As a result, even with very good intention and faith, they will provide you different suggestions.

Search engine not only keeps their algorithm a secret but also changes it on a constant basis, simply to prevent manipulation and to avoid being a victim to the latest technologies. 

Best practices of SEO changes along with the algorithm of Google, so it will do you no good if you are reading an article about SEO written four years ago, as it is outdated advice and no longer beneficial for your website. Those SEO techniques will do more damage than benefit.

It is really important for an SEO Expert that they are constantly testing their theories and they are well-aware of the latest advancement of the SEO industry. They could easily make mistakes if they only rely on theory and data. We always prepare out SEO strategies based on the information provided by Google publicly about their algorithms, it also doesn’t prove to be very useful sometimes.  

For example, If Google declares that placing accurate and exact keyword phrase in the content is no longer required because it can now demonstrate the relevance of the content without such accurate cues. But our team of various researchers has proved ample of times that accurate keyword sections stills hold significant value and impact.

Just imagine you went to a doctor with a fever and the doctor prescribed a tablet to improve your health. Now ask yourself a question “can the doctor prescribe the same tablet to everyone who has fever” the answer is “NO”, because a fever has multiple explanations, thus, first of all, it is necessary for a doctor to examine you, then prescribe you any medication.

SEO is much similar and the correct SEO technique also depends on the nature of your business. For instance, extreme focus on links can be beneficial for some companies but bear terrible results for others. So overall I am trying to convey that general SEO advice can get you disastrous effect on your website ranking.

The details and information I have covered so far, is for the SEO professionals who are trying to provide you proper advice out of good faith. Now you also have to be careful with the ill-minded peoples and agencies active on the internet that purposely circulate false information. One must always verify the credibility of the source of the information before you go ahead and implement those techniques for your respective website. The majority of SEO experts and agencies can be verified if you spend little time reading their profile and website reviews over the internet.